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Frano and derek

SureYield™ Theland Purata Farming

Frano Staub, General Manager of Theland Purata Farming, needed to guarantee availability of winter feed for the contract milkers on the company’s nine Mid-Canterbury dairy farms, and selecting the SureYield™ fixed price crop management model to grow ...

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Loeys Paddock

Winter crop for Loey’s Paddock

At the start of 2022, Catalyst Performance Agronomy took on the opportunity to partner with Richard Loe and grow a winter feed crop for a mob of his sheep. Situated adjacent to the Waimakariri Gorge, Loey’s paddock required a fast-maturing crop tha...

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Sustainable Prospects optimises irrigation resources with Crop X Technology

At 'Sustainable Prospects', Tim & Kirsten O’Sullivan’s 600ha property near Clyde in Central Otago, the annual average rainfall is low and irrigation water is expensive. Often when there is any uncertainty about soil moisture levels, the default dec...

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Dave Mc Cabe web

North Otago Ditching and Baling

In Spring, you won’t find Dave McCabe far from the cab of his tractor as he keeps up with his contracting business. Earlier in Spring, we caught up with him on the phone for a chat about his farming operation and how Catalyst Performance Agronomy hel...

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SureYield™ Balshando Farming

There are always a number of factors when it comes to growing successful crops and achieving yield targets can sometimes be a case of hit and miss....

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Align Farms

Dry-land farming in the foothills of Canterbury is challenging enough, even more so without being able to use any form of irrigation....

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Queensberry Ridges

In a place where wind plays a huge role in establishing crops, it took a long-term approach and a close eye to ensure the success of this dairy support block....

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Lindis Peak Station

In a place that gets up to 35°C in the summer and down to -15°C in the winter, a robust crop management plan is essential...

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SureYield™ - Fixed Price Crop Management

The nature of our fixed-price contracts places the responsibility for success on us, and it means that we’re effectively the farmer working within a set budget...

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