Here's a sure thing

Fixed price crop management keeps things simple for you. Together, we set goals – agreeing yield targets and budget; if we fail to meet them, we pay you. If we exceed them, you reward us. In between, your crop is grown and managed by our expert agronomists so you can focus on other farm business.

If it sounds like we’re guaranteeing less risk and more budget certainty…we are.

Key benefits

  • Budgeting clarity; plan better with budgets and targets set at the start of the season.
  • Shared risk/reward; if we don't grow enough we pay you. In turn, you pay us for outperforming targets.
  • Commercial alignment; growing you the best crop possible is in our commercial interests too.
  • Your own expert agronomist; leave it all to the specialists. We take complete care of monitoring and managing the crop and budget.
  • Environmental compliance; we give you expert advice on meeting nutrient budgets and managing stock while meeting best practice.
Don't leave your bottom line to chance. Get in touch to discuss your 2022 crops.