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10 Apr, 2024

Best practice winter grazing guide

Working with leading industry experts, we have created our Best Practice Winter Grazing Guide to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to plan and execute a successful winter feeding system....

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1 Mar, 2024

Up dry matter production in the shoulders of the growing season: GibbSTART MAX + Liquid Urea

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase pasture production on the shoulders of the season is through the application of Donaghys GibbSTART MAX in conjunction with Nitrogen (N.) The active ingredient in GibbSTART MAX is Gibberellic Acid (GA3),...

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18 Dec, 2023

Surplus Feed Opportunities

This time of year, in favourable conditions pasture supply outstrips demand. The question arises what can we do in this situation?...

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231016 Junior Team

16 Oct, 2023

First graduates from new agronomy programme

Republished with permission from Business Rural South, Spring 2023. Words by Richard Loader. Five junior agronomists have recently completed Catalyst Performance Agronomy’s intensive 18-month agronomy programme and can now proudly call themselves qu...

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5 Sep, 2023

Top Fodder Beet Varieties for the 23-24 Season

With spring upon us, it is the time to start thinking about fodder beet. A variety of factors come together to achieve the best outcome for your crop, so detailed planning is essential. Condition of the seedbed, sowing date, soil temperature, culti...

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Regrassing blog

5 Sep, 2023

Don’t let poor cash flow drive poor decisions when it comes to Pasture renovation

Pasture is the cornerstone of agricultural productivity, wielding immense influence over farm gate output. In fact, it stands as the primary contributor to both per head and per hectare production. Thanks to the rich organic matter content soils and ...

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