Sustainable Prospects optimises irrigation resources with Crop X Technology

At 'Sustainable Prospects', Tim & Kirsten O’Sullivan’s 600ha property near Clyde in Central Otago, the annual average rainfall is low and irrigation water is expensive. Often when there is any uncertainty about soil moisture levels, the default decision is to irrigate rather than not which can result in an inefficient use of water resources.

Thomas Bird, Catalyst's senior agronomist for the O’Sullivan’s, wanted Tim to use data to drive his irrigation decision-making and suggested CropX technology as a good starting point. CropX combines in-ground hardware and satellite technology to deliver a comprehensive data dashboard directly to Tim’s laptop and can help him tailor his farm management system from the ground up.

“We [Tim & I] can keep a close eye on soil moisture levels, optimise fertiliser inputs and maximise nutrient uptake into the plant,” Thomas says.

See more about the application of CropX technology on the O’Sullivan’s property, and how we are working with them to utilise it - not only to enhance their crop performance but their overall farm management system as well.