Introducing our new brand - Catalyst Performance Agronomy™.

We began in 2007 as a product supply company (Wholesale Seeds) and over the years built a reputation for exceptional agronomy.

Now, to meet the growing demand for this more specialised agronomy advice, hands-on services, and tailored solutions, we are introducing a new brand - Catalyst Performance Agronomy.

Apart from the new name, you will find much the same: the same team of technically astute agronomists; the same innovative growing programmes and inputs tailored every season; still delivered with an ongoing commitment to innovative advice grounded in science and best practice.

Wholesale Seeds will continue to operate as a go-to seed, chemical, and fertiliser supplier, we would like to assure you everything remains business as usual on that front.

If you have any questions about what this means for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your current rep; their contact details remain the same.

Patrick Davis CEO